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If you have several centers or are the owner of a franchise, we can help you.

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Software for hairdressers and beauty clinics

Adapted for franchises

Access your management panel and control all your beauty centers from the same profile. Access all the centers and analyze joint statistics of your centers, coordinate marketing actions and control adjustments and prices.

Our system is ideal for franchises with large expansion plans both nationally and internationally.< /p>

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Consult the statistics of all your centers jointly in real time

Main features

Corporate image

The corporate image, colors and logo of your brand in the same CRM (option applicable for multi-centers or franchises with more than 10 centers).

Acquire and retain customers

With your central franchise "master" profile, you access all the centers as an administrator and monitor their activity in real time.

Orders to the central

Warehouse stock control and orders from your centers. Easily place product orders and manage your suppliers on a single screen.


Create marketing actions with the tools that Koibox provides you. Analyze the time slots with less sales, in order to promote them with offers and discounts.


Configure the categories, services, products and credits so that they are all the same in all your centers. Control the orders of the centers and the available stock.