Application with Beauty Booking

If you have a beauty center or hairdresser, with Beauty Booking you can have an Application for your customers.

*Included in the Gold Pack

Beauty Booking, an agile and simple application for your beauty center!

How does it work?

Your customers scan the QR code or download the Beauty Booking APP, write the name of your center and press "enter" > select your beauty center and you are ready, they have the application of your center.

This process only needs to be done the first time, the next time you access the Application your center will appear directly.

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APP for hairdressers Koibox

What are you going to get with your Application?

Once your customers download the APP they will have access to reservations, offers and see their appointment history.

Beauty Booking allows your beauty center to be in greater contact with your customers.

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APP for Koibox beauty centers

Synchronized with your schedule

The App will allow your customers to book appointments in your free slots. To do this, enable which services you want available so that your customers can book them online. Configure which employees perform those services and their hours.

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APP for hairdressers Koibox