Do you want to improve the management of your barbershop easily and simply?

With Koibox the management of your barbershop will be much simpler and more complete, we offer you a management software with all the necessary tools to save time and money. Optimize your day-to-day, capture and retain customers with the best management program for barbershops.

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Management Program for Barbershops



With the Koibox software for barbershops, you can organize all the appointments in your calendar, even those received from social networks or web pages. You can choose the services and employees that will be available to receive appointments online. Offer the possibility of reservations 24 hours a day and do not lose any client who is looking for your services.

Many customers seek to perform more than one service at a time for convenience. For this reason, we provide a marketing section in our barbershop management program with the option of creating vouchers and packs to make life easier for your customers. Now you can sell more than one service at a time with special prices.

With Koibox, losing customers is not an option. We know that nowadays living without a mobile is practically impossible. For this reason, either by email or SMS, you can remind your customers that they have a reservation at your barbershop and avoid the dreaded forgotten appointments.

Did you know that an organized agenda is the secret to optimizing your day to day? The management software for barbershops Koibox, allows you to configure the entire agenda according to your needs. Control the hours of the center, choose the opening and closing days, make sales in a few clicks and save time. Forget paper and pen forever!


Do not miss appointments, if you have a full schedule, sign up your customers on the waiting list, and if a client cancels the appointment, the "Last Booking" tool notifies customers that there is a slot available. Much more effectiveness in your day to day and easier for your customers who want an appointment at your barbershop.

The best online tools for your barbershop with Koibox

Customer loyalty

Take advantage of automatic tools to retain customers and improve communication with them.

Lost customers

Win back your consumers with instant offers.

Email Delivery

The software sends appointment reminders for you, free slots, birthdays, welcome, satisfaction surveys, etc…

Koibox online agenda for beauty centers and hairdressers