Facilitate the management of your beauty center with an online program

Koibox is the ideal management software for centers looking to grow and organize all their tasks. Managing all appointments, employee schedules and cabins in the center has never been easier. In addition to optimizing your day to day, Koibox is the best option to save time and money.

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Management Program for Beauty Centers


Comfort and speed are the most important factors for customers. That's why with Koibox, the management software for beauty centers, you can offer appointments to your customers 24/7 and from any place or device. Increase the effectiveness of your beauty center in a few clicks.

We know that the customers of beauty centers book more than one service at a time or during a period of time. Koibox allows you to create Credits and Packs of services and/or products so that sales and appointment control are easier. Create endless custom combinations for your customers.

Your customers have their full day and are always busy. With that in mind, Koibox gives you the option to activate appointment reminders. Send notifications to your customers by email or sms and keep them updated about their appointments. Optimize your beauty center with this incredible tool.

Having control over the center's hours and each scheduled appointment is the secret to a successful beauty center. With Koibox, have 360º control over your business and raise the level of your management. Forget paper and pen forever!


Do not miss appointments, if you have a full schedule, sign up your customers on the waiting list, and if a client cancels the appointment, the "Last Booking" tool notifies customers that there is a slot available. Much more effectiveness in your day-to-day life and ease for your customers at your beauty center.

The best online tools for your beauty center in Koibox

Customer loyalty

Take advantage of automatic tools to retain customers and improve communication with them.

Lost customers

Win back your consumers with instant offers.

Email Delivery

The software sends appointment reminders for you, free slots, birthdays, welcome, satisfaction surveys, etc…

Koibox online agenda for beauty centers and hairdressers