Use a lot of marketing tools to boost your beauty center, catch and retain customers and increase the sales of your hardressing salon or your beauty center. Now integrated with WhatsApp

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Marketing for hairdressers and beauty centers


Integrated with WhatsApp mark_unread_chat_alt

Keep in touch with your customers. Send appointment reminders to customers in your center through WhatsApp.

Your customers will be able to book an appointment online on your website and on the social networks of your center (Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter).


Increase visibility on the Internet with your own professional website. Information, schedule, images, contact, etc…


Sell the products of your center with your own E-commerce, simple and easy to manage, and all coordinated with the stock of your center.


Provide your customers with the APP of your center, to book, cancel or change appointments, receive notices and access exclusive promotions.


Do not miss appointments, if you have the complete agenda, add your customers on the waiting list, and if any customer cancels the appointment, the 'Last Booking' tool warns customers that there is a slot available.

The best online tools for your hair salon with Koibox

Customer loyalty

Use automatic tools to engage customers and activate communication with them.

Lost customers

Recover your customers with automated offers.

Email Delivery

The software sends you appointment reminders, free slots, birthdays, welcome, satisfaction surveys, etc…

Marketing tools for hairdressers and beauty centers