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If you have a beauty center or hairdresser you can have your own APP

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Design an APP for your beauty center in an agile and simple way!

Your own APP

That your beauty center has its own APP improves the image of your business and helps you attract sales and save management time. Have Online Appointment reservations available and send campaigns with push notifications and reminders for increase your volume of income.

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Professional image of your business

Publish a promotion so that it appears on your website. Provide your customers with the possibility of downloading your APP, where they will have access to reservations, offers and see their appointment history.

An APP allows your beauty center to be in greater contact with your customers.

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APP for Koibox beauty centers

Improve communication

Start or receive conversations from the program with your customers through the online chat available to the APP. You will be able to solve doubts, consult information and exchange images with your customers.

Send advertising campaigns, offers and appointment reminders to your customers through push notifications. Create them from the program, edit the content, add images and schedule the delivery time.

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APP for hairdressers Koibox

Synchronized with your schedule

Enable which services you want available so that your customer can book them online. Configure which employees perform these services and their hours. All appointments will appear in your calendar.

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APP for Koibox beauty centers