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Increase the sales of your beauty center or hairdresser and save time in managing your day to day in an easy and simple way. All the ONLINE management of your beauty center.

Increase your Internet presence and attract new customers.

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Koibox helps you to manage your beauty center or hairdressing salon

Agile and Simple Management

Koibox automates all day-to-day management processes in your facility. Appointment management and automatic reminders, fast sales process, debts, expenses, stock control, GDPR, presence control.

Attract and Retain Customers

Access to 'marketing' tools that will allow to attract and retain customers. You can manage email and sms campaigns, points program, gift cards and loyalty, automate email shipments…

Increase your sales

Configure tools that increase the visibility of your beauty center on the Internet and increase the sales of your business. Configure your website, E-commerce, Online Booking and personalized APP.

The best tool for your beauty salon

Total integrated management

Manage online your hairdressing salon or beauty center with our program and save time that you can invest in your customers. Our CRM includes multiple marketing tools that will help you to increase your sales and attract and retain customers.

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Management of hairdressers and beauty centres
Increase your visibility on Internet

Increase the sales of your salon

With our management program, you can enable online appointments in your webpage and social networks, you can sell your products online through your own ecommerce and have your own professional APP for your customers.

And has all the statistics that you need to create marketing strategies to reach and retain more customers.

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Increase sales of your nail center Manage your center

From our sections you will be able to manage


Appointments, charges, automatic reminders, waiting list, alarms, notes, cabins, planning, configuration…


File, history of appointments and sales, debts, credits, loyalty cards, notes, surveys, documents, budgets…

Cash register

Charges, revenues, extractions, closing of cash box, movements, export of cash box and sales, daily control…


Website, APP, E-commerce, Online booking, newsletter, Email/SMS campaigns, surveys, gift cards and loyalty cards, etc…


General sales, by employee, by periods, commission employees, working time, income estimate, etc…


Expenses, schedules, suppliers, security, attendance control, GDPR, packs, credits, employee file, design, fees, etc…

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